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on Feb 11, 2010

IE Tab plug-in -

Working for me with the latest version of FF.

on Feb 11, 2010

DownThemAll : Enables to pause/resume downloads and to keep a "favorite" folder, so you only have to press enter after clicking on your download link and it's done (or choose the one you wish). Also keeps a list of your current downloads. You can also choose to download normally if you want.

Open in IE : For those sites which do not work correctly on Firefox, though I must admit they're getting pretty rare.

on Feb 11, 2010

I do a lot of blogging while on line so I have a set of Add-ons I found to be very handy for blogging. I am also picky about the way things look so I have add-ons for that as well.

Adblock Plus

All-in-One Sidebar - Nice way to keep my add-ons and downloads where I can access them easily

Autocopy - great for copying text from websites by simply highlinghting it - not working with 3.6 at the moment.

Cool Previews - It helps not having to click a link to open a page just to see if it's what I'm looking for.

IE Tab - Not working with 3.6 yet so have Coral IE Tab for now

FEBE - Great Add-on and Firefox preferences backup

Lazarus - Ever typed a long post only to have the browser glitch and lose everything you wrote before it posted? Not anymore with this add-on.

Read It Later - Great way to go back to a page when looking for new material to blog about.

Screengrab - when you just need that screen as an image at the moment

Tab Mix Plus - love all the tweaking I can do with my tabs

Text Link - so when you find a site address that is not clickable on a page, now it is.

Xmarks - the perfect bookmark backup

United States English Dictionary - comes in very handy when typing too fast.

There are the ones I use mostly for blogging, others are to simply make some sites look better like Google.

on Feb 11, 2010

How ironic, this double post proves how good Lazarus is.

on Feb 11, 2010

Adblock Plus Oh, so nice to surf without all those annoying adds everywhere.

LongURL Mobile expander Shows where those tinyurls and other shortened URLs really go.

Noscript to deal whit some annoying scripts, specially those scripts that will not let you view a page if you got Adblock plus active.

Skipscreen to skip the confirmation/(usually) add filled page on many download sites.

Downthemall for when more refined download management is needed

British English dictionary for when  to look more sophisticated than usual on the net.

on Feb 11, 2010

I have Adblock Plus , Java Console , English and German Dictionary ('cause my English is not the best..)and Fox Tab.  

And than I change the Theme to 'Navy Blue and Black'

on Feb 11, 2010

Here a screenshot:

on Feb 11, 2010

LastPass -

on Feb 11, 2010

STUMBLEUPON - You click a button and a random webpage pops up relevant to the parameters you set.


It will change your life.  I highly suggest checking bizarre / oddities and humor.  I have found some of the coolest shit on the web and wasted many, many hours just clicking this one button..... 


I'd suggest stumbleporn too, but that's lewd so I won't. 

on Feb 11, 2010

Open in IE : For those sites which do not work correctly on Firefox, though I must admit they're getting pretty rare.

I am bookmarking this page, but that one looks like a way to finally shut down IE as a browser for almost anything (other than using it for THOSE pages).

on Feb 11, 2010


These plus winestripe realfox get rid of most of the issues with windowblinds...(still some text color issues to deal with sometimes) file edit view etc...(and the tabs are from the WB!)(winestripe)

those are removed by the menu editor and all the important buttons added up to that row.Then no need for the navigation bar.



on Feb 11, 2010

My faves...

Coral IE Tab - enables IE engine

deviantAnywhere - new submissions and message alert on status bar


Greasemonkey and Greasefire - user script manager and script autofinder

Omnibar - integrates search and location bar

Personal Menu - saves tons of space at the top

QuickNote - click icon on toolbar to open sidebar for a quicknote that is remembered till you change it

Stylish - user style manager

TinEye Reverse Image Search - helps search for images

on Feb 11, 2010

Tiny Menu, Stylish,Chrome Edit,Image Zoom,and  Fastestfox are some of my favorites.

on Feb 11, 2010

Wth no one mentioned Ubiquity?

Download HERE

The biggest revolution in internet browsing since stones were invented if you ask me.

Allows you to call about any internet service directly to you, instead of you having to visit the service.


  • you can shorturl any url by just using the tinyurl command
  • You can translate to and from any language using translate which calls from google translate
  • たとえば、日本語 or vielleicht etwas Deutsch and whatever damn language you can think of.
  • you can select a section of text anywhere on the web and use the commands, translate a section of this forum to other language, google for a section of text,
  • Do a search on IMDB using your marked text,
  • Show on google maps the city or adress you have selected,
  • You can calculate directly while you type using gcalc command, like 999999*1337-2=1336998661
  • do a wikipedia search on whatever you have marked.
  • youtube search
  • Highlight any part of text in yellow, great when having large chuncks of text you want to mark a few spots in.



And everyone can write their own commands and then share them so you can basically find a command for any site you want.

Anyway, so damn many commands the possibilities are seriously endless, try it out if you havnt, ever since I installed it I havnt been able to surf without it. In fact its the Biggest reason to why Im using firefox and not Chrome.


on Feb 11, 2010

All In One Sidebar

Split Browser

Nauticle Theme

Read It Later

Firefox Showcase

Download Manager Tweak

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